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Is your website up to date and Secure?
Major Internet Browsers are flagging and alerting users to what they consider are issues with Security which can be caused by several factors. Below I will quickly show you 2 areas of older websites that could be warning internet users away from your site costing you visitors.

The first area is called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). All modern websites should have Encryption (SSL) enabled to protect visitors and the site itself from malicious attacks by hackers.

When you visit a website how do you know that SSL is enabled? See the image below, before your domain name does the web address start with http:// or https:// the latter contains an s which is requesting to use SSL. If you get a warning, then the website is not running SSL and could cause security issues. Several browsers will no longer display the site but try to warn you away from browsing the non-secure data.

Websites that are not running SSL will see several issues. Besides visitors being warned away from possible security risk, it also will hurt your sites confidence with Search Engines. Google and Bing check for the SSL property and sites without the security layer will be hurt as far as were they rank in those search engines.


The 2nd area is the Websites code that runs the site. Whether it be straight HTML or PHP code that runs your site the code needs to be up to date. If it is running on WordPress all plugins need to be up to date.

The main concern is those updates help your sites security! However, there are other benefits as well. Modern coding also will many times speed up how fast your site loads. Which again can help the sites rankings in the Search Engines listings.
This area is not obvious to visitors of your website but has to be looked into on the server side which is too much to get into here.

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